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Welcome to our website which gives you a flavour, as a potential parent, of what we have to offer at our lovely school. If you are an existing parent, I am sure you will enjoy celebrating pupil achievement and accessing key information easily; including our highly informative newsletters.

I really do love being Headteacher at Temple Meadow, our pupils are so rewarding to work with. They are full of fun, enjoyment and full of curiosity and have a thirst for knowledge. We aim to meet the needs of all children and to ensure each one of them reaches their potential. Our values and vision for Temple Meadow are shared by all (please do see the Visioning and Values section for more information on this).                                                  

Our unique hallmarks and areas that we are very proud of include: our nurturing and safe culture, a diverse curriculum, creativity and strong leadership in all teams able to meet any challenge that comes our way.

We pride ourselves on excellent safeguarding practice in all area of school life. Our approach is always holistic ensuring that safety and well-being are embedded in everything we do. Our Pastoral Team support pupil and family needs and our curriculum; in particular, 'Learning 4 Life', which includes ‘Protective Behaviour’ empowers children to develop safe life skills through their network hand and early warning signs. We are fully compliant with statutory guidance on ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and ‘Safer Working Practice’. 

The entire teaching team at Temple Meadow are rightfully proud of the curriculum we have carefully designed and implemented across all subjects. Our curriculum is ambitious, meets the needs of our school community, is inclusive and values diversity. A particular curriculum strength is how we have carefully sequenced it and developed an agreed language of learning. Teachers have well-developed  knowledge of the subjects they deliver and ‘Knowledge Organisers’ ensure consistency and clarity regarding content. Our curriculum is designed to develop the knowledge and skills that support future life and employment. We are a school that celebrates diversity and ensures that everyone is 'Proud to be Me'. 

We believe wholeheartedly in an experiential and engaging curriculum; for us this is ‘Irresistible Learning’. We have threaded our irresistible approach into our curriculum design so that our learning intent is always clear, while the journey is fun and, in many cases, magical. To give you an example, one of our Art missions is to use the characters from the Y6 text ‘Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’; to create a sculpture to be displayed on the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square. Throughout our English curriculum we weave in high-quality, engaging texts; the type of texts where pupils cannot wait to read the next part.  Our ‘Irresistible Learning’ approach to the curriculum makes learning memorable, exciting, fun and intriguing. As part of our curriculum, we utilise drama and role play to bring learning alive. We have a whole school approach to collaborative learning which encourages children to talk and share their learning. Throughout the school, you will see stunning displays which showcase learning including fabulous writing outcomes. We value reading highly and have a lovely library.

We have clear aims and aspirations for our pupils which supports the cultural capital that our pupils need for future learning and employment. Our Learning 4 Life curriculum includes ‘Aiming High’ and ‘Fit 4 Life’ which is tailored to meet our contextual needs. 

At our very recent OFSTED inspection in June 2023, we were once again delighted to retain our 'GOOD' accreditation. The OFSTED report celebrates our lively and engaging culture of learning. Direct quotes from the report we particularly celebrate include: 

'Pupils have a rich and varied set of experiences at Temple Meadow. From dance and performance in a purpose-built studio to gardening projects and working with artists, there are plenty of memorable activities. This very distinctive feature of the school helps pupils to enjoy attending each day and be enthusiastic about learning.......Leaders and staff have high expectations for pupils. They are supportive role models, who promote worthwhile values. Leaders and staff are kind, but firm, and teach pupils the importance of respectful and safe behaviour......classrooms are calm..... Pupils feel safe and secure at school......the new approach to teaching reading is already making a difference.....Together with other leaders and staff, the headteacher understands the needs of the community and works hard to provide pupils with enjoyable and memorable experiences....there are many memorable events that are woven into the curriculum. In art and design, for example, pupils work with artists on different projects. This has resulted in some striking artwork with a recent mosaic project, inspired by the Commonwealth Games, being particularly impressive. This work in the arts also supports leaders’ work on diversity and valuing everyone.....the curriculum clearly has distinctive strengths.....From the early years upwards, leaders and staff identify pupils’ particular needs well….. Leaders provide support for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities to access the same curriculum as their peers….Beyond everyday lessons, pupils carry out roles that require them to take on responsibility and support them to grow in confidence….. The Pupil Parliament, for example, makes suggestions about how to improve the school…. Pupil subject ambassadors produce reports about learning for school newsletters. Such opportunities help pupils to see the value of their ideas and contributions….Staff say that leaders take supportive action to help them with their work and well-being... Governors understand their role and receive a lot of information about the school’s work. This helps them to fulfil their statutory responsibilities, for example, in relation to safeguarding pupils…..The arrangements for safeguarding are effective….Leaders have established efficient and rigorous safeguarding procedures and staff are well informed..… Similarly, staff know how to spot and report concerns…. When necessary, leaders share information with other professionals in order to support families and keep children safe….Regular school newsletters alert parents to local risks and provide helpful advice…. In school, staff teach pupils how to stay safe and how they should behave around others.

I am very fortunate as Headteacher at Temple Meadow to have such a dedicated teaching and support team. All teams at Temple Meadow from Site through to Office and Teaching are well led and very professional.  

We are a community school – proud of our chain making heritage (we are the only UK school with an authentic chain shop). We are proud of our cultural diversity – we celebrate a wide range of festivals and occasions and make visits to places of worship from many faiths.

We cater for the needs of all pupils and are a highly inclusive school. We cater for pupils from Nursery through to Year 6 and take 60 pupils in each year group.

We also offer before school and after school provision via 4 Community Trust (a separate OFSTED registered provision on the school site).

Best regards

Ms Walsh

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