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Year 5 Fashion Show

Last week, the Year 9 clothing committee from Ormiston Forge Academy visited Temple Meadow to work with our Year 5 pupils. Children were using donated clothing to create outfits for the fashion show, which was presented to our Year 4 pupils. Throughout the day, pupils were required to justify their choice of clothing. With the support of the Year 9 students, our year 5’s made alterations to clothing to suit their style and made outfits ready for the catwalk. The children have been working on projects which encourage people to re-love clothing rather than clothing ending up in landfill.

“I liked designing the outfits and styling it when it was all done and adding accessories and colouring and matching all the colours to see if they blended with the other colours. Mariam and Chanel looked amazing and so beautiful.”

“I learned that old clothes can come to use by using them to make more clothes like how we made outfits from old clothes and by being creative with it and the fashion show at the end was fun to watch.”

“I have enjoyed this experience and working with the Year 5’s. It is a great way to recycle clothes.”

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