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Pupil Parliament

We are really excited to continue to develop Pupil Voice at Temple Meadow and are rolling out something new which is our Pupil Parliament. In essence, we want to get more pupil voice heard. We want to hear their opinions, their views and promote discussion on all aspects of school life.

So how will it work? We currently have 3 highly committed Head girls and 3 Head boys in Year 6. We now plan to roll out an election for our MPs (Members of our Parliament). There will be 1 MP per class for Years 1-5 (the Head Boys and Girls count as MPs for Y6). Therefore, we will have a Parliament of 16 pupil representatives.

The parliament will meet at least once each half term and will regularly call upon wider pupil ambassadors, ECO committee and other pupil representatives. To become an MP, children will initially have to nominate themselves and create a short speech to share with their year group peers before a vote is held using official ballot papers. The successful MPs will be announced in a whole school assembly and on the whole school newsletter. When a pupil becomes an MP, they need to step down from any existing ambassador roles allowing an opportunity for someone else. Just as in the real world, your conduct as an MP needs to match the positive behaviour and attitudes you need in this representative role.

Our Parliament will look like this:  

Our smaller Year 4 cohort will have 2 MPs in same way as all other year groups.

Year 6 Head Boys and Head Girls will be the MP’s in Year 6.

Our Early Years will get to share their views and ideas in a more holistic and age appropriate way. For example, Head Boys and Girls may visit to discuss things with them. Any children accessing the Hub will be represented by their home year group and be fully included.

Other pupil responsibilities feeding into our Pupil Parliament:



Of course, adults will join them and facilitate discussion. Myself and both Deputy Heads will be very much involved.

I think it will be a lovely addition to school life and supports some of the ways in which Temple Meadow promotes British Values as Temple Meadow values.

I can’t wait for the MPs to be elected as I have couple of key projects I’d like their view and ideas on.

What happens next?

  • Interested pupils need to prepare their speech (No PowerPoints, just a speech to their class/year group)
  • So that we can prepare the ballot papers, the deadline for a pupil to register their interest to be an MP is Friday 23rd September 2022. This is really important as our ballot papers will contain the names of the children that have declared their interest and cannot accommodate late additions after this deadline
  • Presentations to class will be happening between Monday 26th September and Wednesday 28th September.
  • Ballots will be counted on Thursday’s 29th September 2022 ready for Star assembly on the following day
  • Successful MP’s will be announced during our Star Assembly on Friday 30th September 2022.

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