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Year 6 home learning tasks

Date set: 19.11.2020


Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation: Page 18 – Relative clauses.

Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation: Page 44 – Words with ough.

Reading: Page 14 and 15 – A midsummer night's dream.

Maths: Page 19 – Prime numbers.


DUE DATE: Wednesday 25th November



 Welcome to Year 6! 


Welcome to our year group webpage. Here you will find out lots of information about both 6 Rowling and 6 Morpurgo. We hope you enjoy viewing our webpage and discovering more about what we have been learning about in school.

 Teaching team 





Both Year 6 classes have P.E. on Friday; therefore, please remember to send your child into school with the correct P.E. kit. In Autumn term, our first P.E. unit will be games.  Please see the information below outlined P.E. kit expectations. 


  • Black shorts and a white T-shirt for indoors lessons in the hall (tracksuit bottoms and sweatshirts should only be necessary in the playground/on the field on a cold day). Tracksuits must be plain and not have logos.


  • Properly fitting black pumps or plimsolls.


  • No jewellery to be worn in any P.E. session (pierced earrings need to be removed prior to any P.E. activity). We therefore advise that ear piercing only takes place at the beginning of the 6 week holiday.




At Temple Meadow, we believe that wearing school uniform helps to promote a positive identity and unity, supports discipline, sets standards and prevents pupils from wearing unsafe, ‘fashion’ clothing and shoes, which can also be costlier and harder to replace. Please see details below of school uniform requirements.


Shirt/blouse. White.
Trousers/skirt/tunic. Grey or black.
Cardigan/pullover/jumper. Scarlet Red - School type jumper only.
Socks. White/grey/black or muted design.
Tights. White/grey/red/black or muted design.
Shoes. Sensible, flat, black/brown/grey.
Headscarves. Plain black/grey/brown/red. 


 Home Learning  


During the Autumn and Spring terms, each child will be given a Reading, GPS and Maths revision book. Every Friday, the teacher will stipulate the page or pages in the book the child will need to complete. Homework is due in the following Wednesday and there will be a clearly labelled place for the children to put their homework when handing it in. 

In addition to this, it is expected that children read each night, preferably with an adult. Please use reading records to record when you have read with your child and where possible make comments that link to your child’s understanding of the text. If your child has read other books at home then please add these to the reading record too and remember that we are looking for understanding & comprehension of a text, not just whether they can read the words.

Finally, children should be encouraged to continue to use Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) using the link below. If your child needs their login, then please ask their class teacher.

Tips for supporting your child with home learning:


•    Ensure that there is a quiet area for your child to work in away from any distractions i.e. television, radio etc.
•    Ask your child what their home learning task is, this allows you as a parent to check their understanding of the activity.
•    Be prepared to support your child if necessary i.e. reading the task to ensure clarity.
•    Encourage your child to complete the home learning task when they are fresh and alert, before bedtime is not ideal.
•    Don’t complete home learning for your child or allow older siblings to complete the tasks (the exception is Irresistible Learning).
•    When reading with your child, encourage them to use their phonic knowledge to help to sound out any words that can be phonetically read. 
•    Ensure that you allow your child an adequate amount of time to complete their home learning task/s.
•    If you are unsure how to support your child at home please don’t hesitate to speak to your child’s teacher. At Temple Meadow we like to work in partnership with parents and will be happy to show parents how strategies are taught in school to support children’s learning.

Useful links for home learning:


BBC Bitesize 

Timestable Rock Stars

 Autumn Term Text 

During Autumn term, we will focus our learning around the text ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne. 


M.F.L. words of the week

This week, we are focusing on pets.

  • Spanish English
     un perro a dog
     un gato a cat
     un caballo a horse
     un ratón a mouse
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