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It is important that momentum of learning is sustained while school is closed as we are still working towards the end of year expectations. We will update this page regularly with Year 3 activities. 

Friday 3rd April

Good morning Year 3. 

Thank you so much for all the work you are all doing.  We get daily emails from many of you showing pictures of your hard work. We can also see some of you are completing your work on Purple Mash - Your work does save on there and Miss Barnham and I are leaving comments for you that appear in your alerts. Again we have planned some lovely activities for you this week including activities on Purple Mash. You can either complete work on Purple Mash or the activities on the PDF files below.


Remember that you don't have to complete all the work set every day.


We hope to see you soon, from Mrs Collins, Miss Barnham, Mrs Stroud and Mrs William


Purple Mash

We have set you some 2DOs on Purple Mash for you to complete.  If you have not got your login details please email home learning and we will send the details to you.  On Purple Mash we are testing a new way you can communicate with your teacher.  We are going to be using 2email on Purple Mashyou to email your teacher diredtly to ask questions about your work and if you are stuck or to share your work with us..  This is done through the protection of the Purple Mash website.

We have attached a guide to get you started on using 2email on Purple Mash. 


You can continue send work to the following email:


2email on Purple Mash


Today for your reading challenge, we are asking you to take photos of you reading for 30 minutes. We are looking forward to seeing your photos..




Today's reading task is to read for 30 minutes




Again we would like you to listen to a story by David Walliams.  Every day he reads a new story that is about 15-20 minutes long so get comfortable and enjoy the story. 



This is the web page or click on the link below.


Well done for the work you sent in yesterday. Today we are multiplying by 10 and 100. To multiply by 10 you move the numbers 1 place to the left, to multiply by 100 the numbers need to be moved 2 places to the left. To remember the rule look how many zeros the number has, this will help you. 











Also remember to keep practising your times tables.





SPaG – Spelling


Today we are recapping what we know about apostrophes. Can you tell your grown up what an apostrophe is? Well done if you can. 

We can use apostrophes when we are writing down contractions to show the missing letters or we can use apostrophes to show something belongs to someone. 



Can you rewrite the sentences with the apostrophe in the correct place? Have a go here first. 

Miss Barnhams classroom was a mess. 

The childrens playtime was shortened because they were chatty. 


Now have a go at the worksheet. 



Today we are focusing on the same spellings to ensure they are stuck in your long term memory. However, you have the choice of two activities. 


You can do either one and send us a picture, we love seeing your work. 

Activity one - 

Activity two - 


Today's text in an information text, based on Holi Day. There are still three difficulty options, try and push yourself, go for a harder text and questions. On each page in the bottom left corner there are some stars - one star is easy, 2 stars a little harder and 3 stars hard.


Read the questions and find the key information in the text, don't worry if you don't have a printer you could always jot this information onto a mind map or make notes about it. 


Then answer the questions about the text.

Writing Activity

We all know that chocolate is bad for you, but does that ever stop us eating it from time to time? (some of us day to day). Your job is to practise your persuasive writing and write an article to persuade your adults to let you eat chocolate for every meal.   
Think about how it makes you feel, how it tastes, and how much you hate eating those yucky vegetables.

Writing Week 1

Art Activity for Week 2.

We didn't just want you to complete English and Maths work.  Your Art challenge this week is to create a butterfly.  If you can make it as colourful as possible and below is an idea that you can use.  If you don't have the equipment just draw a picture of a butterfly.  Please send us a photograph of your work.

Some photos of work we have already have.

Power in me

Please practise singing our song of the week.

P.E with Joe |

Day 9 of my 9am daily workouts 😀

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