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Reading for life


Our intent:

At Temple Meadow, reading sits at the heart of our curriculum, and our aim is to ensure that every child becomes a confident and successful learner. We believe that all pupils deserve a rich curriculum which encourages extensive reading of whole books and other types of texts. We believe that active encouragement of reading for life is a core part of every pupil’s educational entitlement, whatever their background or attainment because extensive reading and exposure to a broad range of texts contribute widely to each pupil’s educational achievement in addition to providing a lifetime of enjoyment.  We aim to promote the concept of reading for life and we ensure that we include a range of ‘real books’ within the Curriculum for English as well as the opportunity for sustained reading from a range of other self‐chosen fiction and non‐fiction texts from our school library.

At Temple Meadow, we believe in both the importance of developing children’s discrete word-reading skills and comprehension and the need to engender their love of books and reading. We recognise that these two elements are intertwined: each relies on the other if children are to become life-long readers.



Reading for life in class

Reading for life slots are built into each classes time table where teachers share quality books from a range of authors. This slot also allows children to:

  • read out loud to the class

  • hear teachers read out loud

  • silent reading

  • peer buddy reading

  • Listen to audiobooks

  • choose books to read from the school library

  • write books reviews


School library

Each week, we ensure that all classes have access to our school library and that they are able to browse and read a wide selection of books. Children also come to the library to change their reading book and choose a library to take home using our Junior Librarian system. 



Special reading events are celebrated in school and during World Book Day where children are engaged in a host of reading activities. 


Library trip

Our Reception children have the opportunity to visit our school library where they are given a library card and get to borrow a book to take home. The librarian also carries out a session with our children, explaining what a library is and how fun it is and reads them a story and sing rhymes.


Book Fayre

We hold a book fair during the weeks of parents evenings throughout the year where books are promoted and children are encouraged to buy a book to read at home. 


Mystery reader

In Early Years, every Friday, our children have a mystery reader (one of our parents or a member of Temple Meadow staff.) Our mystery reader then reads a story of their choice and sings rhymes with our children; it is a very enjoyable experience. 

Friday favourites

Each week, a 'star of the week' from every class is chosen to bring in their favourite book from home to share with the class on a Friday. A bit like Show and Tell, they share the reasons as to why they like the book, describe their favourite character and give us a bit of a book review. The teacher or the child will read some of the book to the class. It is great to see children sharing a love of reading and enthusing others to go off and read the same book for themselves. A Friday Favourites poster is displayed within each classroom or on the classroom door so that the class know who’s turn it is to bring a book in.



 The impact of the reading for life and teaching at Temple Meadow will be…

  • High progress measures from a child’s initial reading ability

  • Y1 Phonics Screening Check pass rates

  • High levels of comprehension and vocabulary development

  • High levels of engagement in the books children read

  • The ability to read across a range of subjects

  • A fostering of reading for pleasure

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