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Snow Closure - 8/12/17

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Friday 8th December 2017



Dear Parents/ Carers

Snow Closure


As you are aware we are closed today due to snow and site safety. It is never easy to make that decision. Much earlier this morning 6am looked like we could be open as the site was icy but able to grit; and forecast indicated that we might have missed the showers. But then heavy snow shower covered all the grit making it impossible for the site team to clear such a big site safely. Our text message does give you a rapid update and we always keep the website up to date.


Snow closure is always inconvenient as inevitably causes child care issues for working parents. Temple Meadow is rarely closed. Each school has to conduct their own risk assessment based on unique features of their site. Our site is really big in terms of paths that need clearing to all our different entrances and buildings. Smaller schools sometimes have one small entrance making it much easier. The other aspect for a risk assessment is whether sufficient staff can get in as typically staff are not local to the school - many in fact travel considerable distances e.g. Telford, Solihull.

So I'm sure some of you are delighted some of you are less than happy and frustrated at the inconvenience. I have the unenviable task of digesting the forecast and making the decision.

So enjoy your day and let's hope the storms don't disrupt next week too.



Yours sincerely

Ms Walsh


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