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Snow Closure - 12/12/17

Our Ref: CW/JC

Tuesday 12th December 2017


Dear Parents/ Carers

School remains closed Tuesday 12th December

I have just been speaking to the Site Team and although headway has been made on clearing the site unfortunately, it is not clear enough to safely open tomorrow. The volume of snow has been phenomenal and Mark our Site Manager has worked incredibly hard to do what he could today; he was even joined by his partner who has been working alongside him. Some paths have been cleared by Wright’s Lane, but we are no way near able to clear the Clifton side entrance and paths and all the staff car parks are still deep in snow. All of this now compounded by a predicted drop in temperature to -12c overnight – so everything he has cleared will freeze solid tonight. Looking at the forecast temperature lifts slightly by end of tomorrow to just above freezing so that will help for Wednesday.

Fortunately, our text message does give you a rapid update, we always keep the website up to date, and letters such as these go straight to your phone.

As I said previously snow closure is always inconvenient as inevitably it causes childcare issues for working parents. Each school has to conduct their own risk assessment based on unique features of their site. Our site is really big, in terms of paths that need clearing to all our different entrances and buildings. These need to be in use throughout the day to get to dining hall / school hall etc. Smaller schools sometimes have one small entrance making it so much easier to re-open. The other aspect for a risk assessment is whether sufficient staff can get in as I mentioned previously. Typically, staff are not local to the school - many travel considerable distances.

We will now look at all the events and things that were due to happen and advise you of any changes to dates and timings; so do keep an eye on our web site. Thanks for your understanding and a huge thanks to Mark for all his efforts. Weather is something totally out of our control.

Yours sincerely

Ms Walsh


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