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Welcome to our colourful and informative website, which gives you a flavour as a potential parent of what we have to offer at our fabulous school. If you are an existing parent / carer, I am sure you will enjoy celebrating our pupils' achievements and accessing key information easily – including our highly informative newsletters.


I really do love being Headteacher at Temple Meadow. Children here are really special – full of fun, enjoyment and with a real thirst for knowledge and learning experiences. It is our school aim to raise standards for all children while at the same time, keeping them safe, providing fun and enjoyment and linking real life experiences to learning.

We use an Irresistible Learning approach to the curriculum which makes learning memorable, exciting, fun and intriguing. Within the curriculum we utilise drama and role play to bring learning alive. We have a whole school approach to collaborative learning which encourages children to talk and share their learning. Throughout the school you will see stunning displays which showcase learning including fabulous writing outcomes from our topics.


We had an OFSTED inspection in January 2018 and are thrilled with our 'GOOD' overall achievement. The OFSTED report celebrates a lively and engaging culture of learning. The entire report is very positive. I have selected a few statements from the inspectors that we loved reading: …... pupils were polite and have good manners…..They work well together…. There is a clear behaviour system in place, which is used consistently across the school….children get off to a good start in Nursery and Reception. They are safe and happy…. Leaders know their school well. They are clear about the things they do well and the areas for further development…….The school curriculum is rich , interesting and highly engaging. Pupils are drawn into the ‘'irresistible learning’ of each topic….. The school is highly successful in promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development….. Parents say children are happy and enjoy their learning….. Governors are ambitious for the school and want the best for pupils and staff….. A strong safeguarding culture runs through the school which sets the safety of pupils as the number one priority. ...Leaders are relentless in their drive to ensure that all pupils are safe and well cared for. All staff responsible for the different aspects of safeguarding demonstrate the same thoroughness in their approach to maintaining accurate records and actions….Leaders know the pupils and their families extremely well and their families receive the right support….The pastoral team is highly effective in supporting vulnerable families….Teachers know their pupils well. They go to great lengths to plan work that is interesting and motivates pupils. ...Additional adults provide effective support...Pupils are confident and want to talk about their work. They have positive attitudes to learning...The school’s work on protective behaviours is highly effective. Pupils who spoke to inspectors said they enjoy coming to school and feel safe. They understand how to use the internet safely….Pupils have a good understanding of the different forms of bullying. They say that bullying doesn’t happen very often and when it does, adults help sort this out….One parent summed up by saying ’From the initial contact I made with the school I was reassured, listened too and respected.’….Behaviour of pupils is good...pupils are polite and well mannered...leadership of early years is strong....children are kept safe and cared for very well in early years. All the appropriate welfare requirements are met.


Please do access the full report and I hope you feel as proud as we all do of our fantastic school.

We are now continuing our hard work and efforts in order to build on this. 

At Temple Meadow, we have a skilled and dedicated teaching and support team – highly skilled to meet diverse learner needs. Leadership is strong and with a clear understanding of what we need to do to improve further.


We are a real community school – proud of our chain making heritage (we are the only UK school with a fully functioning and authentic chain shop). We are proud of our cultural diversity – we celebrate a wide range of festivals and occasions –and make visits to places of worship from many faiths.

We cater for the needs of all pupils and are a highly inclusive school. We cater for pupils from Nursery through to Year 6 and take 60 pupils in each year group.

We offer before school, after school and holiday club provision via Kids Club (Graded Good in their last inspection).

I do hope you enjoy your visit to our website.


Ms Cathy Walsh - Headteacher

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