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Welcome to our school council page. 


Every year, in September, children have the opportunity to vote for their classes School Council representative.

The outgoing councillor explains what responsibilities they had and what the job entails. New applicants then take part in a presentation to their peers explaining why they will make a good school councillor. A secret ballot is held and a new councillor appointed.

Once the whole of the council have been formed, monthly meetings are held where members discuss relevant items on an agenda. They are then responsible for feeding back issues to their class. They also need to raise issues in the meetings.



Meeting held on 16th October 2017


At this week's meeting our new school councillors (see our picture above) introduced themselves to each other. 

The discussion for today was all about fundraising for Children In Need, which is held on week commencing 13th November. 

It was decided that this year will will have a non-uniform day and children can make a donation of  £1.  

Meeting held on 30th October


Today Ms Walsh came to our meeting. We discussed the next PSHE topic,  Anti-bullying and E-safety. This is all part of our Protective Behaviours unit of work. We discussed how we could make a questionnaire regarding children’s views on bullying. 


We thought of some questions that could be added to this questionnaire 


What is the definition of bullying? 

What should we do if we are bullied? 


We will now take this back to our classes and get their ideas for more questions. Once we have done that, Ms Walsh will draft out the questionnaire, sent it to all children and then collate the results from it. 


Watch this space to see the outcome! 




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