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Primary Science Quality Mark

Temple Meadow is working towards achieving silver as part of the Primary Science Quality Mark.

The Primary Science Quality Mark is an award scheme to enable primary schools across the UK to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their science provision.


Actions so far:

  • We have written Science Principles, using ideas from both staff and pupils


At Temple Meadow we believe that teaching and learning of Science occurs when:


  1. Adults and children have light bulb moments through purposeful real life learning, they are inspired to embed and extend their scientific knowledge, both independently and collaboratively beyond the classroom, making links with the wider curriculum.

  2. A child centred, ‘hands on’ science curriculum is taught that caters for and engages all children of all backgrounds to ask their own questions and to making decisions on what they are doing and how.

  3. All children are curious, enthusiastic and engaged in challenging science topics delivered through Irresistible Leaning that also incorporates a wide range of learning environments


  • We have introduced Science Learning Walls in  each classroom to display the principles, key vocabulary and learning from the lessons.


  • We have introduced a new scheme called 'Developing Experts' which has been developed using pedagogical research into teaching methods. It uses a storytelling approach to engage students through a scripted curriculum as they discover a world of learning. Developing Experts has invested 1000s of hours writing materials which convey key facts which help students deepen their understanding of a topic.

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