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We'd like to remind you about the importance of attendance and punctuality at school. Here are a few facts on our attendance so far this year…


  • 108 children enjoyed our end of term attendance treat at the end of the spring term
  • 45 children are still on track for 100% attendance this year for the whole academic year – picnic in the park!
  • We have recorded 1,053 unauthorised absence sessions so far this year. Please remember we need medical evidence to authorise absences.
  • We have 1,686 sessions recorded for illness
  • 958 sessions of children arriving late school – we will be focusing on this through the summer term.


Please be reminded that we do send letters when attendance falls below different thresholds, even if you have provided us with reasons for absence. It is always intended so that parents are  regularly informed about how absences impact on overall attendance and your child’s education. 


As you will be aware, Government changes come into force back in 2016 that meant Head teachers were no longer able to grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Following the Platt case the Local Authority have been waiting for further Government guidance. The Supreme Court judgement on whether a father acted lawfully when he took his daughter to Florida in term-time has implications for anyone with a child/young person in school. The Supreme Court has decided that a parent cannot, unless authorised by a Headteacher to do so, be absent from school without potentially being liable for a Penalty Notice and/or Magistrates Court proceedings. The Court’s judgement applies to all pupils registered at a school in England.


We have attached the information circulated by the Attendance Prosecution Service within Sandwell. This also outlines the consequences of taking unauthorised leave of absence.


Here at Temple Meadow any parents who are considering taking their child out of school must first complete a Leave of Absence form from the main school office. This will need to be returned and a meeting with the Headteacher must be arranged. During this meeting, you will discuss the reason for absence in order for the absence to be explored further.


We would remind all parents that exceptional circumstances do not include family holidays, visiting relatives or friends, attending events, looking after family members, birthdays, shopping etc.

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As you will be aware our whole school target for this year is 96% in order to be in line with national average.


Can we please remind parents that holidays in term time cannot be authorised and we do ask for your support In helping us to achieve our attendance targets this year. Thanks in advance for your support.

Here at Temple Meadow Primary School we are a ‘Good’ school and your child plays their part in making it so. We aim to create an environment which enables and encourages all members of our school community to reach their full potential. In order for this to be possible it is vital that all children have good attendance and we aim as a school to be in line with the national average at 96%.


We always reward good attendance trough certificates, prizes and events at the end of each term. We also reward parents by entering them into a prize draw if their child has 100% attendance. Each class’s weekly attendance is announced in our celebration assembly each Friday and the children can see their class attendance displayed on our whole school attendance board.

You can view our attendance leaflet for parents below.

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